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Apr 25th, 2017, 10:10pm

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 1   Main Temples / Longer stay in the temple  on: Today at 5:26pm
Started by Kasia | Post by Kasia
Hi All, me and my husband Paweł go to Shikoku (3-25th of May) and we are planning to do the pilgrimage. We are soto zen practitioners and would love to have an opportunity to practice zen at the temples, and stay there longer - do you know if there's such possibility? In which temple? I know that in some of them you may stay for night, but what about longer stay and taking part in the practice? I would be very grateful for some suggestions or advice. It will be our first time in Japan, we don't know the language and don't have any experience in this pilgrimage smiley
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 2   Bicycling / Re: Technical gear to bike in spring  on: Yesterday at 5:45pm
Started by FlyingDutch | Post by cpetersky
I did not bicycle the pilgrimage, I walked it. But I have done a lot of bicycle touring.

It's probably too late, but I would consider taking fewer long-sleeved shirts - maybe just one, and one sweater, instead.

I'd also wear gloves - always nice when you're holding handlebars for most of the day, and especially nice if you take a tumble.

Consider taking a bandana, to dry your hands, wipe your nose, mop your sweat, carry a few tangerines, or tie your hair back.
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 3   General Board / Question re: weather/month  on: Apr 21st, 2017, 4:58pm
Started by arjwilson | Post by arjwilson
Hi - I'm planning to start walking around Oct. 15, moving clockwise. I normally like to take a rest day once a week (more or less) and am not opposed to the odd onsen day here and there, so I'm budgeting a full two months for the walk.

If that's the case I should be finishing my walk around the middle of December in Kagawa-ken. I can see the historical weather for previous years, but would like to hear from Henro-san who've been walking that time of the year or people who live in the region to get an idea of what to expect, and what clothing to take.

Thanks - Andrew
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 4   Camping / Re: My 2015 Camping Overview - with Pictures  on: Apr 19th, 2017, 11:48pm
Started by Goat | Post by Goat
Hey AVR,

Happy my post was of some use to you. Best of luck with your Henro. I'm near the end of my 2nd one, this time in the "normal" direction. My blog has been suffering as I abandoned my plan to post regularly from the trail - too tired at night, and battery life on my MacBook is precarious. Instead, I've been doing one daily/nightly picture from the day on Instagram. If you're a part of that gang, my IG handle is; goattrackphotography .

As for your own camping, here's my goatly wisdom. I have never, to my recollection, on either Henro I've done, asked a local or anyone else if I can camp. I don't mean that to sound arrogant or rude, but I am a seasoned Leave No Trace camper and nobody would ever know I have been there. Why complicate things and - if your Japanese skills are poor - stress out both parties? I'm careful about where I do it (I know I listed some scummy places in that post, but the only time I was seriously trespassing, to my knowledge, was the night I was briefly in some apparently abandoned garage - but I was desperate) and crucially, I wait till sunset or a little after, all going well. If someone should happen along and raise a ruckus, your pilgrim status will go a long way.

I haven't camped in schools etc, and only a couple of time in shrines, but I'll add a detail from this Henro. I met and hung out with a pair of young French pilgrims I nicknamed the Jinja Ninjas as their preference is for rural shrines to set their tent up in. They are fussy about quiet spots (I'm not but should be). They haven't had any trouble - they go to the back somewhere secluded and set up - after sunset. A Japanese Henro told them that even if someone found them, they'd be forgiven their trespasses since they're pilgrims.

If you're really desperate and especially if it's raining, seek out a roadside pavilion ("henro goya") or similar - and there's always bridges. Nobody will hassle you. Michi-no-eki have never let me down, though they can be noisy (traffic). I've used vacant lots, construction sites etc (desperate) without trouble - I'm gone well before sun-up. As for your skin colour, I doubt it would brand you as much more "foreign" than your average white westerner. Most of the rural folk you encounter have never left their prefecture let alone their country - we're all exotic and sometimes scary to many of the older ones. But I think most are proud or intrigued that foreigners make the effort to come to Shikoku and engage with the landscape in this way.

Go stealthily into the night & sleep in peace.
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 5   Travel Companions / Re: April - May 2017  on: Apr 19th, 2017, 3:05pm
Started by ParzivaI | Post by ParzivaI
I leave for Japan Thursday. This thread has me pumped. Sounds like a good group.
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 6   Camping / Re: My 2015 Camping Overview - with Pictures  on: Apr 19th, 2017, 2:11pm
Started by Goat | Post by AVR

The photos and descriptions have been helpful and has been an inspiration to me.

I will be camping for at least the first two weeks, especially so since I'll be walking during Golden Week.

I have minimal survival Japanese. However, I am slightly nervous that having brown skin will be a further hindrance when speaking to the locals when trying to ask for permission to camp.

I'm hoping this goes well.....

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 7   Travel Companions / Re: April - May 2017  on: Apr 19th, 2017, 2:01pm
Started by ParzivaI | Post by AVR
Hi Martin!

I'm a day behind you.

looking forward to meeting you.

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 8   Travel Companions / Re: April - May 2017  on: Apr 19th, 2017, 06:54am
Started by ParzivaI | Post by MartinB
I'll be starting at temple one on the 25th April. Hope to see some of you on the way.
Martin (Australia)
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 9   General Board / Re: Footwear choice  on: Apr 19th, 2017, 02:48am
Started by arjwilson | Post by mpdev
The model is SCARPA KINESIS GORETEX MEN'S HIKING BOOTS. It may be called something else in your country. The names seem to vary a lot and there are several of similar style. They are reasonably waterproof. If you are walking all day in the rain (you will at some point) your socks stay dry but the boot will absorb some water and take the next day to fully dry out.

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 10   General Board / Re: Footwear choice  on: Apr 18th, 2017, 4:54pm
Started by arjwilson | Post by tneva82
on Apr 18th, 2017, 07:20am, arjwilson wrote:
Very helpful, thanks all.

MPDEV - what's the model of the Scarpa boot you used?

Also, I didn't think there'd be much difference between walking on asphalt and dirt/gravel in terms of how a boot or shoe behaves. I suppose it might be like a knobby bike tire vs. a smooth bike tire. Never thought of that...

It's big difference due to hardness and weight differences. I had a/b hardness trekking shoes and while they were great for mountains very uncomfortable at asphalts. Going to try trail runners with extra paddings when i continue my pilgrimage. Seemed to be populas choice among pilgrims i met
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