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Nov 20th, 2017, 4:09pm

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 1   Bicycling / Can you cycle to Lochivraon Bothy?  on: Today at 12:04am
Started by Williamhawk | Post by Williamhawk
Hello everyone,

This looks like a good base to do some of the Fisherfield hills from. Is it possible to cycle to and are there any seasonal stalking restrictions for staying there? Any other advice about staying there would be most welcome, is there a working stove etc?

Thanks in advance

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 2   Walking / Fasted Walking  on: Yesterday at 11:58pm
Started by Williamhawk | Post by Williamhawk
Hi there,

I was reviewing your "What Have you Done Today?" post and I had a question. As you remember from a previous post my goal is fat loss, strength and conditioning for sport.

I started taking Yohimbine and I've been cleaning up my diet and squeezing more protein in (3 shakes a day plus copious amounts of meat). I do strength training 4 days a week and conditioning 3 days a week.

But I read something about fasted walking. How does this effectively help with fat loss? I wake up at 6:30 right now to go to work. I can wake up at 6:00 and get a good 20-25 minute walk in in the mornings. Is that a long enough walk to do anything or does it have to be longer?
Also why walking? Wouldn't jogging be more effective? Thanks for all your help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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 3   Free Lodging / Re: Free Lodging suggestion...  on: Yesterday at 4:44pm
Started by E | Post by CheekySoul
All lodging links -

Full List

Places Lodged in 2015

Henro Huts

Henro House

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 4   Camping / Re: Carrying a tent  on: Yesterday at 08:47am
Started by Vikram | Post by Hauro
I suggest carrying some emergency tent, especially when you're committed to only walk.
I did used it only a few times, but these times it saved me from being eaten by mosquitos. I walked in September/October.
And it eased my mind that I always will have a place to stay, even when my planned accomodation will not work out. As it occasionally did.

When you're walking in hot weather, take care to pick a tent where you can setup the inner tent by itself. Otherwise you will be fried overnight.
And as others said, if your tent is self-standing it will save you from a lot of hassles. I always found places to tie down my tend, but made it things more difficult. At least bring enough extra ropes so you can tie down your tent inside rest huts.

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 5   Free Lodging / Re: Cheap Lodgings  on: Yesterday at 08:23am
Started by E | Post by Hauro
on May 29th, 2017, 10:57pm, CheekySoul wrote:
The following list is an updated list following my second pilgrimage in 2015 -
Cheap Lodgings
Henro Huts

These links are dead by now. It seems the new locatons are:
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 6   Walking / Re: Walking Shoe's  on: Yesterday at 08:12am
Started by Max | Post by Hauro
When you plan using light/soft shoes take care about the status of the soles.

I made the mistake starting with somewhat already used sole and ended the circle with nearly no sole on the outer sides of both boots. The asphalt takes a great toll on for-forest-trails shoes, I should have replaced the soles before starting the trip.
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 7   Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide / Re: Guidebook Correction  on: Yesterday at 08:01am
Started by Shikoku Henro Trail | Post by Hauro
Hi, I did the Henro round trip Sept/Oct 2017.

I am listing here all the mistakes I found in the 2017 edition of the Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide.
Of course I'll also mail them in parallel to the author.
If you have questions just let me know and I'll try to provide more details of what I still remember.

You can also withdraw money from Lawson (tried it) and most likely also from Family Mart (ATM states it, did not tried). Still 7-11 remains the first choice, because they're the only ones not charging any fee of their own.

In the legend the explanation for the symbol of Zenkonyado (a closed hut) is missing, it was still there in the previous edition.

Page 19
Shopping Togawa is gone

Page 21
Conbini near Higashi-Tokushima Golf Course is gone

Page 27
2nd Henro Hut just south of 47 is gone, but at the (assumed) place there is a running water fountain

Page 28
The alternate track on route 55 is not used anymore (but still a nice and quiet walk, it's just not signposted as official detour anymore).
Kaizokuzen restaurant is closed

Page 30
Add Public phone before Hegawa Station

Page 32-a
Add Yamada Supermarket just around Lucky restaurant

Page 35
The return path from 27 now uses the street departing westwards in the middle of the mountain street and ending at the toilet sign.

Page 36
Add Public Telephone before Nishibun Station (so you can call Hagimori-san ;-)

Page 37
The conbini near Yasu station is now a 7-11

Page 38
The store in the upper-left corner (near the 7-11) is gone

Page 39
You can use the toilet of the company (also when it is closed) at henro hut 5
Remove the Henro-ishi Manju store sign, it only sells the sweets its name stand for. No supermarket.

Page 40
There is a little restaurant on the crossing of Kochi Toby Expwy and route 247 (right-down of page)

Page 42
Add coin laundry a little north of temple 33, shortly before Cirkle-C on the right side of the street

Page 45-a
Toilet a little north of Gas station north of Oshioka river is vandalised/out of service and doesn't looks like it will be repaired soon.
There is a rest hut behind the said gas station (with tons of mosquitos awaiting you)

Page 45-b
Add Rest Hut at 1st toilet on coastal road 320

Page 46-b
Henro hut near Niida station is gone.

Page 47-b
Conbini before Ida tunnel is gone.

Page 50
Add Henro Hut after guesthouse Kumomo on the sidetrip, just before the short mountain sidetrip joins with the route 321.
Shop Kaisen-kan is closed, you have to get all your food on the Lawson on page 49.
But it seems as there is a restaurant now nearby (I did not arrived during it's supposedly opening time, so I could not confirm it).

Page 51
Add toilet near Henro Hut just left of the page separation.
There is another great viewpoint a little east to the marked viewpoint called Kappa's nose (kappa no hana)

Page 55
Conbini near ES just before entering Naka-michi is gone, stock up on Fuji Suupa instead
Add Rest hut near toilet just before the ES (closed)
Add Rest Hut just on the page separation on route 299
Add Rest Hut some 50m after Matsuo Daishi
Add Rest Hut and "viewpoint" symbol at the Matsuo Observatory (I assume thats the same location), and a mountain path connecting it with the Matsuo Daishi.

Page 57-b
Add Rest Hut between Wanya 26 and the re-joining with route 56, just in the middle of the map marking "2.1km" and the lake on the right side.
The Henro Hut just after the entrance to the mountain bypass of Matsuo Tunnel is a closed-wall Zenkonyado, so update symbol accordingly.

Page 58
There is a lonely yet highly welcome drink vending machine opposite of Osozu Shrine on the naka michi trail.
Maybe add a note that the part after the Shogando pass is a lot of up-and-down and highly overgrown (bad maintained). It took me much more time and was much more exhausting than the double mountain pass before.
This is the only case where I actually recommend sticking to the street after reaching the Shogando pass and skipping the jungle roads.

Page 59
Add marker for Zenkonyado aloehouse88.com ?

Page 60-b
Add Rest Hut in front of temple 42.

Page 62-a
It seems that both shops in Kamaboko are gone (not 100% sure, I rushed this part very much so I could just have overlooked them)
Recommendation to add: Restaurant Udon Menbo shortly before 7-11

Page 64
Shukubou temple 44 closed

Page 65
Zenkonyado/closed-wall hut 5min before temple 45 on the mountain trail (got this from a friend)

Page 70-b
No toilet at Aoki Jizo?
I could not read the Japanese note about the toilet, but it seemed to list nearby places where you can find a toilet instead.

Page 64-a
Add Zenkonyado/closed-wall hut on the page separation on the way south of the henro path. It's basically a converted construction cubicle, tempe 63 hands out a map where to find it.

Page 79
Restaurant Jump closed, and doesn't look like it will ever reopen.
So this makes the way temple 65/66 to the longest mandatory no-shop no-restaurant mountainous path of the whole round.

Page 86
Add recommended (and great) Udon restaurant Kodawari-men-ya just opposite of the henro hut on route 11

Page 92
Large rest hut at the bus stop for temple 88

Slightly unrelated: Updates to random accomodation lists still present in the net
- no tsuyado in temple 39
- no tsuyado in temple 81

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 8   Paid Lodging / Re: Standard facilities in lodging  on: Yesterday at 12:50am
Started by FlyingDutch | Post by slc
It would also be possible to add more than one moderator. I'll probably message the administrator if there's no response in a few days.
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 9   Camping / Re: camping  on: Nov 18th, 2017, 05:17am
Started by diego | Post by elliothowe
I walked with young guy who was camping out most nights. preferred to set up around one of the many rest huts. No one will bother you there. essay service uk You don't want to camp on private property, even a seemingly empty farm field, without permission, but you might ask as you go.
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 10   Paid Lodging / Re: Standard facilities in lodging  on: Nov 16th, 2017, 02:07am
Started by FlyingDutch | Post by tneva82
on Nov 16th, 2017, 12:52am, slc wrote:
This board will allow adding a moderator who can delete posts and ban users. That alone is a lot of trust to put into somebody, but you need that much access to kill the spam. I can demonstrate that I've completed the Shikoku Pilgrimage, and have worked as a 'moderator' of sorts for a fortune 500 company. I have no interest in moderating anybody other than the spam-bots. I don't want to see them drown out the legitimate discussion. It's just an offer to help.

Well if the forum software allows for it that would be nice. Maybe send PM to admin so he might notice it easier. Would certainly be nice! Wouldn't mind taking the job myself either(I hate spammers) but whom admin feels like trusting with job is of course up to him.
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